Robert S. Anselmo (aka Robert Sant’Anselmo) Founder, Director, CEO/President and Inventor of the SolarWind Hybrid System


  • CEO, President, Director & Founder of a publicly traded company,
  • EVP of Marketing, EVP Federal Systems & NASA,
  • Product Development Team Manager
  • Innovator of a variety of products and systems
  • Has been awarded numerous global technology patents,
  • Author, Salesman, Sales Manager, Designer,
  • International Guest Speaker

Mr. Anselmo, in 2016 has been awarded a U.S. Patent incorporating nature’s Solar and Wind energies into a Hybrid system capable of generating electricity 24/7. He has assigned the patent to Spectra Systems & Technologies, Inc. the new company he founded.

He and his associates have formed the SolarWind Clean Energy Generation Group within Spectra Systems & Technologies, Inc., in order to exploit the patent’s numerous ecologically safe electricity generating applications in the industrial, commercial, federal, military domestic and international markets.

In 1982, Robert co-invented and patented the first omni-directional digital matrix symbol technology that compressed more information into less space than any bar code; the first electrooptical matrix symbol readers and developed numerous marking technologies and related software needed to apply or mark the symbol on over 200 different types of materials The system, after two years of stringent testing, received NASA’s approval and acceptance for component identification applications for the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station.


Robert’s innovative and diverse capabilities, for example, include creating or co-creating a system for advertising
in elevators used in hotels and high rise buildings, the Teddy Ruxpin talking toy bear, medical and surgical devices, optical devices, random number generators, a new form of electronic advertising, advanced data compression and a number of anti-counterfeiting technologies.


Mr. Anselmo is also skilled in the following:

  • Information Systems and Technologies,
  • Identification, Logistics and Manufacturing Control Systems,
  • Security Systems and Applications,
  • Anti-Counterfeiting Systems and Technologies,
  • Patent Development including bothText and Graphics,
  • Product Development- from inception to completion
  • Solar and Wind Hybrid Systems and Technologies.

During Robert’s career he has been featured as a Domestic and International guest speaker at numerous Technical,Security, Engineering, Trade, Banking and Financial seminars as they relate to Information or Identification Systems, Document Authentication and Credit/Debit Card Security.

In addition, he has authored numerous articles appearing in various technical trade magazines in the fields of Information Systems, Anti-counterfeiting Systems, Manufacturing, Product Identification Systems, to name a few.


From 1981 to 1996, Mr. Anselmo was the Founder, Director and former CEO/President of Veritec Inc., a hightech publicly held company specializing in advanced digital information systems.

He has received a number of patents both as an inventor and as a co-inventor of Veritec’s technologies. He was
responsible for Veritec’s $2,000,000+ business relationship with NASA and Rockwell International and the $3,000,000+ Mitsubishi’s Automotive Division joint-venture for the development of the world’s first portable, hand-held, electro-optical, matrix symbol reader.

He also managed its Application Engineering, Product Development and Strategic Planning Initiatives for the company.


Mr. Anselmo’s educational background is an AA degree in Business and Marketing (Dean’s List) from Santa Monica College that also includes specialized courses in Drafting, Technical Illustration, Salesmanship, Advertising, Merchandising and Marketing


His professional background is marketing and sales with prior companies such as: Litton Industries, where he was a leading salesman in the top 8% (out of 900) and Dennison Mfg. Western Division and, after Executive Testing by the Hays Group (Nationally he was in the top 1% in marketing with a mechanical background in the top 10%), he was rapidly promoted to Product Identification Manager & Computer Systems, leading Sales Manager (21 salesmen), Marketing Manager-Western States and Manager of New Market Development, reporting directly to the President of the Company.

He also created many new and profitable systems and products and maintained sole Account Executive responsibility for major customers companies (Sears, Western Airlines, Disneyland) during this period.


Robert, working at Douglas Space Systems, a Southern California aerospace firm, designed a new method of preparing military training manuals; managed a team of 22 illustrators on classified military information for Anti-Ballistic systems for the United States Army while holding various job-related Security clearances.

At the request of the U.S. Army, Robert was inducted into the Army’s “Critical Skills” program while serving his military duty. He also worked at the request of the Army thereafter, in Litton Industries Electronic Guidance Control Division, Hughes Radar Systems and Northrop Aircraft Missile and Space Division.

He has an Honorable Discharge from the United States Army.


Mr. Anselmo was a former member of numerous job-related industrial trade associations, e.g., electronics/AEA,
, automotive/AIAG, aerospace/AIA, training/ASTM, security and Anti-Counterfeiting/IACC,


  • Microsoft: WORD, Excel, Powerpoint,
  • Apple Computer: Pages, Numbers, Keynote,
  • Internet: Email, Social, Research,
  • Design: Schematics, Work Flow, Electronics, Hydraulics, etc.,
  • Patents: Text and Graphics design and Patent preparation,
  • Technical Writer
  • Author: Technical articles,


Robert’s concentration is upon assembling a top team of Advisors and Employees while seeking financing for
Spectra Systems & Technologies, Inc.’s newly formed SolarWind Clean Energy Generation Group for the
manufacturing and licensing of its patented Hybrid energy generation technologies.


SolarWind Systems & Technologies is a newly patented system, method and process for producing a Hybrid system that captures and integrates the sun’s radiated solar energy with the wind’s power to rotate a wind turbine
generating clean electrical energy 24/7.


Global applications for the SolarWind systems include:
Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Military, Disaster Relief and
Remote Third-World Village Upgrades






CHUCK WHITE was formerly a California CPA and Certified Hotel Administrator with a Law Degree and an MBA with a marketing emphasis. He has served as CEO, COO and CFO for a number of well known publicly and privately held organizations. Chuck White began his career with Price Waterhouse & Co. After becoming a CPA, he received a Direct Commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army and served as Controller of the Special Warfare Center at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Chuck White’s career in the hospitality and entertainment field began when he joined the Disney Organization to create an Internal Audit and ConsultingDepartment. Since that time, he has served as CFO and In-house Counsel for Hamburger Hamlets and California Culinary Academy (both publicly held); Chief Operating Officer for Specialty Restaurants and Stars Restaurant Group, and CEO of Pea Soup Andersen’s and the Lummi Casino.

In addition, Chuck White has served as a consultant to a number of construction, real estate development, manufacturing, publishing and hospitality organizations. These assignments included developing and implementing regional and nationwide expansion plans, business and marketing plans, turnarounds and reorganizations to position organizations for a favorable sale by the original owners.

His non-profit service includes Chairman of the Board of the San Diego Chapter of the MS Society and Casa de Amparo and a member of the board of directors and various officer and committee chair positions with the San Diego Performing Arts League, Arthritis foundation, Food Bank and the San Diego County Credit Union.

Additionally, Chuck White has taught classes in financial management and marketing at several respected universities including North Carolina State, Pepperdine and Chapman College. He is married and resides with his wife, Eileen, in Coronado, California.