About Us


SolarWind, Technologies & Systems is an emerging privately held American company located in Chatsworth, California (Small Business) specializing in the design, engineering and production of SolarWind Hybrid Engine systems and its related commercial and military applications.


Robert S. Anselmo; SolarWind’s Founder, CEO and designer of the SolarWind Clean Energy Hybrid System has been Awarded by the United States Patent Office, a patent for the integration of nature’s solar and wind energy into a hybrid system capable of generating electricity 24/7. The patent titled “Systems, methods and devices including modular and transportable structures incorporating solar and wind generation technologies for production of electricity” will provide global opportunities exist to bring electricity to areas that need quick source of electricity.

about_us_pic02The comprehensive application covers a variety of technologies, systems methods, processes, devices and applications related to a new form of hybrid system capable of generating clean natural electricity 24/7 directly from the sun and wind.

This approach provides a better, more efficient family of systems and products applicable to a variety of global market applications with one common theme… the generation of continuous electricity for direct immediate use, for resale to the electric grid or the use in MicroGrid applications.


SolarWind is a company making quality, innovative products and systems that are clean, natural energy solutions to meet the needs of a global market!

“Doing one thing better than anyone else, providing dependable, competitively priced solutions in the form of products, systems, networks and services, sm