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SolarWind Clean Energy Group is a Member of Spectra Systems & Technologies, Inc. Chatsworth, California, a privately-held company.


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SolarWind, Technologies Systems is an emerging privately held
American company located in Chatsworth, California (Small Business)
specializing in the design, engineering and production of SolarWind Hybrid Engine Systems and its related commercial and military
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Up to this point, manufacturers of competitive systems concentrated upon building either a solar system that generated electricity or a wind generation system to do the same thing. This limits the production of electrical power its either clouded or night when the sun is not available, which is 2/3rds of the day or when the wind is calm and cannot continuously turn the wind turbines. Put another way… No Sun, no power! No Wind, no power! SolarWind, like our corporate name illustrates, combines both of these different sources of natural energy, i.e., the sun and the wind, into one integrated hybrid system (Patented)-that produces power whether or not the sun is shining or the wind is blowing.

Yes! The SolarWind Hybrid Clean Energy system is versatile in that it is configurable into a permanent ground fixed station adjacent to buildings, railways, highways, etc., as well as portable, transportable and mobile systems that will provide solutions for needed clean & natural electricity generation in a variety of applications and locations.

Yes, SolarWind also can be custom configured for a variety of Government, Military and Industrial applications.

No! The SolarWind Hybrid Clean Energy system can be configured for small residential applications as well as large Wind Farms. The difference is the scale of the application.

No, the SolarWind Hybrid Clean Energy system can be configured for both land and water (ocean, lakes, etc.) applications.

A; Self-contained modular systems can be configured with the SolarWind Hybrid Clean Energy system so that they arrive on site with “instant” electrical energy capabilities to power needed applications.

Yes, and vice versa… where an existing Wind Turbine system needs to expand its electrical power, a SolarWind Hybrid Clean Energy system and be integrated to upgrade the existing wind system.